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Heatless Curls Silk Set

Heatless Curls Silk Set

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Conquer your mornings with effortless, heatless curls. The heatless hair curler can be worn during the day or overnight.  Heatless curls protect your hair from breakage and split ends to help your hair grow healthy. 


  • Silk curler
  • Silk scrunchies (2)
  • Claw clip

Crafted with Mulberry silk to be gentle on hair. Mulberry silk is an organic fibre making it biodegradable and eco-friendly. The heatless curler has an antibacterial and mould-resistant memory foam filling for long-lasting use. 


What are heatless hair curlers?

Heatless hair curlers have become the hottest trend in hair styling! These amazing tools are specifically designed to treat your hair with care, letting you effortlessly achieve perfect curls without any worry of heat damage. The best part? They're suitable for all hair types - whether you rock long locks, short hair, curly tresses, or even struggle with frizz.

By using heatless curling sets, you can bid farewell to curling irons, curling rods, and hot hair rollers. These hair styling tools come in a variety of forms, including curling ribbons, curling headbands, and silk scrunchies, all of which are incredibly gentle on your precious strands.

Are heatless curls bad for your hair?

Absolutely not! Heatless curls are actually great for your hair. Unlike heat-based styling methods, heatless hair curlers are a game-changer for hair care. They work without heat, keeping your hair healthy and damage-free. Luxurious options like Mulberry heatless curlers can even reduce breakage and maintain moisture, perfect for dry or frizzy hair.

These tools not only promote hair health but also simplify your styling routine, offering a convenient and effortless way to achieve beautiful curls without worrying about damage. Whether you're aiming for a soft, romantic look or added volume, these versatile curlers can handle it all. Embrace the benefits of heatless curls for a breezy styling experience while keeping your precious locks healthy.

What is the best method for heatless curls?

Get ready to wake up with fabulous curls without lifting a finger! Our heatless curlers work their magic while you catch some Z's. Whether you've dreamed of effortlessly stunning curls, it's time to make it a reality.

Using these hair tools is a breeze. Here's a quick how-to: First, lightly dampen your hair to prepare it for styling. Next, grab a heatless hair curler and secure it at the top with a claw clip. Now comes the fun part – wrap your hair around the curler and secure the ends with silk scrunchies. Leave them in for a few hours or overnight and prepare to be amazed. It’s literally that easy to get envy-worthy curls the next day.

Does your hair have to be wet to use heatless curlers?

For the best results with heatless curlers, aim for slightly damp hair, not soaking wet. This helps your hair to set into beautiful curls as it dries.

If your hair is too dry, the curls may not hold, while if it's too wet, it won't dry properly and can leave your locks looking limp. To find the perfect balance, a light spritz of water, leave-in conditioner or a touch of hairspray can provide just the right amount of moisture for your heatless curlers to create stunning curls.

How long do you leave heatless curlers in dry hair?

For the best curls leave the heatless curler in dry hair overnight. This overnight technique ensures your curls set perfectly, giving you a long-lasting style since it will have a long time to set. Just wrap your hair, hit the hay, and wake up to beautiful curls. It's simple, easy, and gentle way to achieve stunning curls.

What is the best heatless curler?

When it comes to finding the perfect heatless curler, it's all about simplicity and results that last. Look for a curler that's easy to use and guarantees curls that stay gorgeous all day long. With a heatless curler, you can elevate your hairstyle without damaging your precious locks with heat. It's like getting that salon-fresh look, minus the heat. Your hair will be thanking you, trust me!

The Silkre Heatless Hair Curling Set is the ultimate secret to achieving those voluminous and bouncy curls you've been dreaming of. This set is made with 100% Mulberry silk, which means your hair stays effortlessly smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. It includes a silk rod, a claw clip to keep everything in place, and silk scrunchies to secure your precious ends during application. With a lightweight filling that is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, our heatless curling set is made to last.

Do heatless curlers work well on natural hair?

Natural hair? No problem! Heatless curlers are gently shaping your locks into gorgeous waves or curls without any damage. So, you can style your hair as often as you want without worrying about heat damage. They are designed to work with all natural textures, thick to fine, so you can style worry-free.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Soft, silky and comfortable

    I threw out any cheap heatless curls I have. The quality between the two was laughable, I’d basically been wrapping my hair in a pool noodle 😂 you can tell these are such better quality and the material and quality makes it easy to sleep. Also curls are AMAZING

    Effortless volume and curls!

    My hair is naturally quite thin and flat, which often makes it tricky to style. The heatless curl silk set has been a game changerrrr. After using this overnight, my hair was full of volume and lasted over the weekend! Would definitely recommend using a hair mist spray before wrapping your hair with the set so that the curls hold up better 🥰

    Love it

    Such a amazing product! Makes heartless curling so simple

    Stunning curls over night

    Absolutely love this! Keeps my hair healthy and doesn’t damage it but gives such effortlessly stunning curls. I sleep in it overnight and my curls hold for the whole day!

    I love this set

    Never had so many compliments on my hair!