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Satin Lined Beanie with Pom

Satin Lined Beanie with Pom

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Silkre's Satin Lined Beanie is a winter must-have, keeping you cozy while protecting your hair.  Designed with a silky smooth satin lining, our beanie keeps you warm and fights frizz, preventing breakage and dryness to keep your hair healthy.  Plus, the satin lining reduces static, so no flyaways here only smooth hair. It's your go-to for fashion and function this winter!

Please note that colours may vary due to screen settings and photography.

  • Jacquard knit with pom pom for the ultimate cozy winter vibes
  • Universally comfortable fit for all head sizes
  • Made from a plush blend for ultimate softness and stretch
  • Satin lining: Frizz-fighting, breakage-blocking, static-reducing superhero
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 17cm
  • Pom Pom: 9cm x 12cm 
  • Circumference of Satin Lined Beanie: 61 cm  

Will beanies make you bald?

No, wearing a beanie hat won't lead to baldness or hair loss. Beanies apply gentle pressure to the head, which doesn't harm hair follicles or inhibit hair growth in any way. Opt for beanies made from gentle materials like satin-lined beanies to minimise friction and potential hair damage.

Are beanies bad for your hair?

Beanies are perfectly safe for your hair when worn normally. However, wearing any hat too tightly or for excessive periods without removing it can lead to issues like hair breakage and scalp irritation. Proper beanie fit and giving your hair a break is recommended.

Can beanies cause hair loss?

Beanies themselves do not directly cause hair loss. Hair shedding is part of the natural hair growth cycle. As long as you avoid wearing tight beanies that pull on the hair and take them off periodically, knit beanies should not contribute to abnormal hair loss.

When were beanies invented?

Beanies have been around since the 19th century, worn by sailors, farmers and other outdoor workers for warmth. They later became popular as casual fashion accessories in the early 1900s.

Who invented beanies?

Beanies evolved as functional headwear among various working-class groups before becoming a mainstream style. While there's no single credited inventor, they've been part of multiple cultures' attire for centuries. The modern knit beanie gained popularity in the early 20th century, favoured by outdoor enthusiasts and athletes for its warmth and comfort.

Why do beanies itch?

Some beanies may feel itchy if made from scratchy wool or inadequate breathability. Satin lined beanies prevent any irritation from the knit fabric touching the skin or scalp.

What colour beanies do you have?

Our beanie collection for women currently includes classic shades like black beanie and white beanie, as well as grey and beige. Check our website for the full range of available knit beanie colours.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Angelina Sukkar
Absolutely Amazing

I highly recommend!! This has to be my favourite winter purchase by far as it’s so warm, an extremely comfortable design and my hair looks so good after I take it off. The satin on the inside makes sure my hair doesn’t get frizzy, I love it. I got the beige colour aswell and it’s so pretty


I definitely needed this beanie not just to look cute but to keep my hair protected and frizz free!
I love the satin lined beanie, I think it’s such a good idea!